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Hereford Wye Valley Rotarians support the post-Tsunami recovery



Hereford Wye Valley Rotary Club helped raise over £300,000 by public collections in the aftermath of the devastating Tsunami which struck on Boxing Day 2004.

Within a few days hundreds of Rotary ShelterBoxes had been despatched to the stricken areas and within just a few weeks Rotary clubs in the district had supplied nearly 100 brand new fishing boats in ‘subsistence’ villages to replace those which had been wrecked by the tidal wave - this aid providing both food and an income for two communities supported at Nizampatnam, Andhra Pradesh in South East India.


Providing new homes and facilities in India and Sri Lanka was then a priority but with villages being moved away from the beaches new roads had to be built and Government permission obtained. After three years the work has come to a successful conclusion and all the money wisely spent with no administration costs and tight financial control as it has been managed by Rotarians. In India 165 houses have been built, a school built and equipped, and 9 water wells provided.


On the east coast of Sri Lanka a large three floor community building has been built to provide a variety of training, work, social facilities, schooling and health care facilities. A shop and bakery has been built; a generator supplied to ensure electricity supply; a tractor, trailer and small lorry have been provided to assist with farming and transportation of goods. In addition capital equipment has been provided to help start small businesses to provide work for young people.


The businesses started have been: a Bakery; Batik printing, garment making; grinding of spices, rice and chillies; production and packaging of food items; brick making; poultry farm; goat and cow milk production; and preventative medical facilities. Homes for 60 families have also been built.


Tremendous benefit to the people in these very poor areas where income is less than a £1 a week - all of this help is thanks to the generosity of the public in our locality and commitment of Rotarians.

















Boats and fishing nets gifted to a 'subsistence' fishing family

The Hereford Wye Valley 'Home for Humanity' in South East India

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