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16 December 2021

Having looked at a venue for our Club Christmas dinner we found that there were not many places available and they were all quite expensive so Jackie once again offered to host us all at her house.

Jackie, with some assistance from Davina, provided us all with an excellent Christmas dinner in a very festive setting. Wine (and crackers) were provided by our President but unfortunately he was unable to do his usual entertaining performance.

17 July 2021

Finally an opportunity to meet again in person, again for a social evening at Jackies. A few members and their wives enjoyed a ploughman's supper with wine.

Past member Oswaldo Natale presented the clud with a plaque made by a friend of his.

We charged our usual meal rate and so made a small profit for the club of £140 to our charity account.

17 August 2020

A social evening at Jackies to get together and enjoy a ploughman's supper with wine.

We charged our usual meal rate and so made a small profit for the club of £71.50

01 August 2020

A first meeting together since March at a barbecue at Dick and Margaret Makin's. A pleasant evening in thier garden and a chance to catch up on how everyone is managing.

The afternoon raised £205 with over £150 towards the Santa visits to Festive Farm plus some towards the club charity account which has become rather depleted.

18 May 2020

Now that we are no longer able to hold meetings together we have started using Zoom. This is the turnout for our business meeting on Monday 18th.

It is difficult to plan ahead without any events taking place or that we can organise for ourselves. It looks like our regular meeting location of the Bell Inn at Tillington will remain closed for so time yet.

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